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Machine Learning Introduction

Pythondjango offers exhaustive, cost-effective and high value-driven training program in Machine Learning. As understood, machine learning is an integral part of artificial intelligence (AI). It is the process to enable machines to access data and automatically learn. Here, the machines are not deliberately programmed, but the focus is on developing computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

A fine example of machine learning is medical diagnosis and image processing. Also, greatly visible in online shopping while checking for a product, you can notice similar products appear on the web page. It is machine learning which is processing data and presenting products with similar features.

So, machine learning is about learning to do better from what was experienced in the past. Machine learning developers devise learning algorithms that do the learning automatically without human intervention or assistance.

Machine Learning and Python complement each other. And, all machine learning is fulfilled only when the learner is also trained in Python. In the machine learning training, different concepts are taught, however it is only with Python or any other language that these concepts can be implemented. Why only Python?  As it has easy syntax, it goes well when working with machine learning algorithms.

Machine Learning Training Benefits

  • Large volumes of data are reviewed by Machine Learning. The final goal is to discover unique trends and patterns far from human logic and understanding. Machine Learning helps in understanding the browsing behaviors of customers. Thereby it helps to reel out relevant product information to the buyers
  • Machine Learning gives machines the ability to learn. A fine example is how an anti-virus software works. Based on the data available any unacceptable program is considered as malicious and rejected
  • With more and more data available, the results are sure to be greatly accurate. For example in the weather forecasting, the greater the amount of data the more precise will be the predictions
  • All the complex and diverse data can be handled by Machine Learning.
  • Significantly, this can be achieved even in dynamic or uncertain environments
  • Machine learning is a boon for etailer and healthcare providers. It personalizes customer experience to and helps to reach the right customers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
  2. Supervised Learning – I
  3. Dimensionality Reduction
  4. Supervised Learning – II
  5. Unsupervised Learning
  6. Association Rules Mining and Recommendation Systems
  7. Reinforcement Learning
  8. Time Series Analysis
  9. Model Selection and Boosting
  10. In-Class Project

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