The Best “ Selenium with Python Training” Program with Course Certification

What is Python:

Somewhere or the other, we all are aware of Python being a remarkably popular, general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented, and easy-to-use programming language. From web development to machine learning, data science to automation testing, it has almost everything in its bag to serve each of you. Tell the work, and python will be ready to do it. Therefore, Python is considered to be an excellent language to be told and learned.

Why Selenium with Python?

With countless advanced features, Python has grown exponentially and still growing. When combined with Selenium, imagine how robust an automation framework can become. Let us see some more features which will surely convince you to give it a try.

Following are the features:

  • Effortless: Easy to code and skim
  • Lively run rate: It runs faster than other programming languages because it doesn’t have a compiler to convert lines of code. Therefore, the time required is reduced.
  • Better Support System: Various tools are present to increase the support, and therefore the most vital tool for simple user interfaces is that the WebDriver has strong bindings for Python.
  • Well Tethered: The API utilized in python helps connect to the browser through Selenium. It also helps to send standard commands of python to numerous browsers irrespective of all variations within the design of the browser.
  • Cost Efficient: Reduction in cost for business clients is a win-win situation.

Pre-requisites for Using Selenium with Python:

In order to learn Automated testing, one must have the following skillset:

  1. Basic knowledge of Python, keeping OOP fundamentals in priority
  2. Knowledge of Selenium and Web drivers
  3. A Basic understanding of Database/SQL fundamentals
  4. Understanding of Web Application to test.

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