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Our Manual Testing teaches you how to test the software manually for defects. Our aim is to train you in different types of manual testing that is used for solving different problems. We also teach you the various types of manual testing used in the current industry. Our course is ideal for professionals who wish to enhance their career in the field of software testing.

Even though manual testing alone is sufficient for a testing process, as a profession we recommend you to master in both manual and automated testing. Combining both types of testing gives you better results.

For Basic Introduction Testing Tools visit WIKI

Source Wiki : Software testing involves the execution of a software component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest. In general, these properties indicate the extent to which the component or system under test

  •  Meets the Requirements that guided its design and development
  • Responds correctly to all kinds of input
  • Performs its functions within an acceptable time
  • sufficiently usable
  • Can be installed and run in its intended environments
  • Achieves the general result its stakeholders desire

QATRAININGHUB's QA Online Course Highlights

  • QA Online classes taken by Mr.Mohan & Mr.Dinesh Raju
  • Completely Face 2 Face with Good Ascent & HD Quality qa / manual testing training
  • Daily 1.5 Hour qa / testing tools live training
  • Daily 1 Hr qa(quality assurance) Regular Classes + 0.5 Hr QA / testing tools Realtime Examples Covered
  • Soft Material will be provided
  • Huge Examples & Daily Exercises with FAQ’s
  • QA training classes are will be completed by as per the schedule
  • After completion of qa online course – qa / software testing tools / manual testing certification / qa online certification will be provided
  • 100% Course Worthy @ qa / software testing tools Online Course

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