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Selenium WebDriver with C#

C# is the object-oriented programming language used to build a variety of applications that are enabled to run in the .NET ecosystem. To perform automated testing with C#, you should configure selenium with visual studio. C# allows the tester to perform selenium binding that is updated along with the java program. Selenium with C# supports easy debugging and instant results.

In this software testing online training, you will be trained on the complete frameworks of WebDriver using C#, NUnit, POM, design patterns of testing scripts, and more.

How to perform Automated selenium testing using C#

The below processes will be followed to configure selenium with visual studio in C#. This setup aims to provide a friendly outcome that is easy to explore and understand.

  • Download and install C# IDE (Visual Studio)
  • Create a new project in Visual Studio
  • Add References in Visual Studio.
  • Write a Selenium test script using C#
  • Run Selenium test script in Visual Studio

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