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DJANGO Online Training


Django is a free, open source web framework written in the Python programming language. It has gained lot of popularity among beginners and advanced programmers. Django finds great use in developing large websites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Django styles itself as “a high-level Python web framework that allows for rapid web development and a clean and clear design.


Django follows Python’s “batteries-included” approach. By this all the common tasks in web development are accomplished with ease.

  • User authentication
  • Templates, routes, and views
  • Admin interface
  • Robust security
  • Support for multiple database back-ends

python Django Online Training

This approach allows web developers to develop web applications that are unique, and goes further to achieve the standard, secure web application functionality.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction of Django
  2. Installing Django
  3. Explaining Architecture of Django
  4. Creating Django Project
  5. How to run Django Project
  6. Overview of Django Structure(Settings,manage,urls,init,wsgi)
  7. Django Admin overview
  8. How to Create APPS
  9. Models and Migrations
  10. Playing with Django ORM API
  11. Creating Views
  12. HTTP Response, Render to Response
  13. Templates
  14. Forms and their validation
  15. Pagination,Sessions,Authentication
  16. Simple web app with CURD Operations

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